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Rush in 5.1 Surround Sound

The blog Rush is a band confirmed the release of the milestone album 2112 as a Deluxe Edition with either a DVD Audio or a Blu-ray disc with 5.1 surround sound.

Rush sound engineer Richard Chycki wrote:

… Like the other Rush surround releases to date – Moving Pictures, A Farewell To Kings, Fly By Night, and Signals – 2112 has been remixed at a 96 khz 24 bit high resolution from the original multitrack masters in a ‘re-creation’ direction taking advantage of the 3-dimensional soundscape of surround, rather than a complete re-interpretation of the mix. I have had quite a few questions about the technical side of the process so time depending, I’ll try to get an article put together about it and get it posted here or published. …

There will be 3 editions:

2112 [CD + Audio DVD Deluxe Edition]

2112 [CD + Audio Blu-Ray Deluxe Edition]

2112 [CD + Audio Blu-Ray SUPER Deluxe Edition]

While the first 2 obviously differ in the medium for the surround sound mix (one being a DVD Audio, the other being a Blu-ray disc), it is not yet clear what the SUPER Deluxe Edition will include.

As mentioned by Chycki above, fans of Rush and surround sound music could already enjoy Moving Pictures on Blu-ray and the DVD Audio discs that were included in the Sector remaster boxes:

Sector 1 comes with Fly By Night, Sector 2 with A Farewell To Kings and Sector 3 gives us Signals, all in 96kHz/24bit sourround sound and stereo.

All the Rush surround sound discs come highly recommended for audio quality, surround mix and content, of course 🙂

You can pre-order the new deluxe editions here:

You can get the already released surround sound discs by Rush here:

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