Oppo BDP-95 Audiophile Universal 3D Blu-ray player

Oppo BDP – Best Surround Sound Music Player

I have had many players in recent years, both stereo and multi channel, but nothing has come close to my Oppo BDP-95. My latest player/receiver combo was a Denon 2930 universal player hooked up via Denonlink to a Denon AVR 3806. The pre-outs were connected to my active Klein & Hummel studio monitors, that still are my main speakers. I really liked this set-up and the Denon combo has long been praised for Hi-End sound in a relatively affordable price.

Until I got the OPPO BDP-95 Universal Blu-ray Disc Player. Wow, what a difference! The Oppo BDPs are true universal players, meaning they can spin CDs, DVDs, DVD Audios, SACDs, Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray Audio discs and stream all the current audio codecs from an external USB drive or an attached NAS (network storage device), including Hi-resolution multi channel FLAC. Combine this with an exceptional audio quality and you’ve got the best surround sound music player on the market today.

Of course it is also a 3D Blu-ray player with great picture quality both for HD, 3D and upscaled SD material.

The OPPO BDP-93 Universal Blu-ray Disc Player has since been replaced with the OPPO BDP-103 Universal Blu-ray Disc Player and the OPPO BDP-95 Universal Blu-ray Disc Player has been replaced with the OPPO BDP-105 Universal 3D Blu-ray Player. The biggest differences introduced with this new line is network rendering capabilty (so you can use the navigation of a NAS to browse through your collection), 4K support, MHL input (Mobile High-Definition Link) and no more fan for the top of the line player, now the Oppo BDP-105.

The original Oppo BDP-83 has been regarded of such high quality, that the Hi-End company Lexicon used it as a base for their own Blu-ray player.

In any case, you can’t go wrong with an Oppo BDP. If you don’t need XLR outputs for stereo, the Oppo BDP-103 is great value for the money. For those who simply want the best, the Oppo BDP-105 will be hard to beat, especially at this price.


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