Motion II – PANArt Hang in surround sound

It’s been quiet around here, but there’s some exciting stuff coming up šŸ™‚ Among itĀ is the new surround sound track ‘Motion II’, played on a PANArt Hang.

‘Motion II’ is the fourth track on the upcoming album ‘Journey I’, featuring nature sounds and acoustic instruments. Gentle Ocean waves are the background for thisĀ original PANArt Hang performance. Just likeĀ Motion I,Ā it has been recorded at 96kHz / 24bit and is available in stereo and surround:

Enjoy in surround sound here:
Sung-Kyu Motion II – 5.1 Complete Surround Sound Package

Enjoy in stereo here:
Sung-Kyu Motion II – 2.0 Stereo Version

If you decide to buy the track on Gumroad before the release of the album, you will receive a code to get the full album (stereo or surround, depending on your purchase) at a 50% discount!

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Enjoy and surround yourself with music!