Grammy Awards 2014 – Nominees For Best Surround Sound Album

On Sunday, February 8th it’s time for the 57th annual Grammy Awards show. There are numerous categories for which artists of all genres can win a grammy, but of course we’re mostly interested in the genre ‘surround sound’ ūüôā

Every year a select few albums are nominated for the title ‘Best Surround Sound Album of the Year’. You can find a list of past nominees and winners here:

Grammy Awards: Best Surround Sound Album Nominees and Winners

This years nominees are the following:

  • Beppe: Remote Galaxies
    • Surround Sound Engineer: Morten Lindberg
    • Surround Sound Mastering Engineer: Morten Lindberg
    • Label: 2L (Lindberg Lyd)
  • Beyonc√©
    • Surround Sound Mix Engineer: Elliot Scheiner
    • Surround Sound Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
    • Label: Columbia Records
  • David Miles Huber: Chamberland – The Berlin Remixes
    • Surround Sound Mix Engineer: David Miles Huber
    • Surround Sound Mastering Engineer: David Miles Huber
    • Label: 51Bpm.Com LLC
    • Available here: Chamberland
  • Pink Floyd: The Division Bell (20th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set)
    • Surround Sound Mix Engineer:¬†Damon Iddins & Andy Jackson
    • Surround Sound Mastering Engineer:¬†Damon Iddins & Andy Jackson
    • Label: Parlophone
  • Song Zuying: Epics of Love
    • Surround Sound Mix Engineer: Hans-J√∂rg Maucksch
    • Surround Sound Mastering Engineer: G√ľnter Pauler
    • Label:¬†Stockfisch-Records
  • Mahler: Symphony No. 2 ‘Resurrection’
    • Surround Sound Mix Engineer:¬†Michael Bishop & Robert Friedrich
    • Surround Sound Mastering Engineer:¬†Michael Bishop
    • Label: Linn

Good luck to all the nominees!

The Grammy Awards winner for Best Surround Sound Album of the Year 2014 will also be announced right here on